UtilliCX: Boosts Utility Customer Engagement

/UtilliCX: Boosts Utility Customer Engagement

UtilliCX: Boosts Utility Customer Engagement

UtilliCX was created by utility experts with the utility customer on the forefront of its design. The software has the ability to connect customers in a multitude of ways.

Customer Communications

Utilli’s software optimizes customer access and experience through several options of direct-line communications. UtilliCX provides event-based notifications on predefined events or when triggers occur. Customers will be able to personalize their notification settings to meet their needs as well as search history of past communications. The versatility of communication allows for maximum provider efficiency, giving the consumer a 24-hour utility concierge.

Web Portal

Access from any device, multi-language support, utility specific branding & themes


Send updates and reminders, pay-by-text, alerts & notification, 24/7 availability


Pay-by-chat, outage management, view bills and usage, secure account management, submit meter readings, capture payment info with mobile camera, incident reporting with location services, available for iOS, Android, and Windows

Smart Speaker

Check account balance, pay-by-voice, messages, updates, reminders, & daily energy efficiency tips


Portfolio manager integration, manage multiple properties, collect tenant authorizations, target improvements, manage contact information

Account Management

As a SaaS solution, UtilliCX handles the administration and operation of the platform to ensure it’s always available. With access from multiple platforms, customers can be assured that the 24/7 service & support desk provides help and information when needed. UtilliCX merges existing systems to provide real-time information on repetitive activities and utility data. From the dashboard, customers manage their personal account, access important account information, and track energy usage. UtilliCX empowers customers through education of utility data, access to resources, and the ability to organize all of their utilities into a singular, easy to operate platform.

Secure Payment Options

Utilli can assist with all your payment processing needs through a strategic partnership with one of the largest payment processors in the world, offering rates that match or exceed what is currently paid for a quick deployment and truly unified payment solution. UtilliCX provides a platform for easy, online payments, with multiple payment methods to choose from, including one-time or automatic payment. With real-time payments, transactions are immediately processed without delay on the back-end. Customers can access past billing statements, payment details, and opportunities to contribute to a variety of charities, many focusing on a local, community level. With the ability to securely link a card to the account, UtilliCX will ensure a customer is never late on a bill payment.

Energy Efficiency and Benchmarking

Support efficiency benchmarking initiatives via UtilliCX’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager integration. Avoid manual uploads or batch processing with Utilli’s real-time integration & fully automated data exchange. With UtilliCX, customers will have the ability to monitor energy usage and pinpoint areas of extraneous use at a property level. Accounts have access to current and historical consumption data, allowing valuable insight into trends at multiple properties with unlimited meters. As buildings are renovated, you can update building details and watch your ENERGY STAR Score improve. The data tracking tool educates customers on their utility consumption, providing them the insights they need to trim costs and improve their carbon footprints through real-time information integration.