Utilli’s Customer: Our Value Proposition

/Utilli’s Customer: Our Value Proposition

Utilli’s Customer: Our Value Proposition

Across the nation, U.S. utilities are projected to spend $20 billion on customer analytics through 2021, as analytics capabilities are entering a third evolutionary stage at utilities, forming ecosystems of customer insights and engagement.


Utilli is proud to present UtilliCX, a fully prepared utility management software to connect providers and customers with seamless communications and easy-to-operate functionality. The platform is built to ensure high customer satisfaction and scalability, designed with complete system interoperability in mind so it can grow and adapt for years to come. And, with 150 pre-built connectors, integration with your existing systems is a breeze.


UtilliCX does the work for everyone, all in one place.

UtilliCX is quickly deployed to help utilities launch a sophisticated customer experience in a matter of weeks. Implementation teams work around the clock to ensure full workability within 12 weeks, at $0.00 cost, without the need to write a single line of code. With $0.00 upfront and $0.00 recurring cost, customers receive a free energy benchmarking solution with top of the line customer service and engagement. Our interactive interface gives customers a “gameplay” experience, resulting in increased interaction with utilities, energy efficiency data, and customer communication.

Utilities will discover that using UtilliCX enables them to easily manage and monitor all customer services seamlessly.

Included with extensive out of the box functionality, included SaaS ready and SAP certification, UtilliCX streamlines utility customer services through automation of activities, substantial customer self-service features, and real time integration with back end systems. The technology allows for concise communication between provider and consumer, account management, operational services, and much more--without major expense or use of time.