Energy Efficiency & Benchmarking

Provide customers with the insights and information they need to be responsible energy consumers.

  • Engagement & Insight - Intuitive energy efficiency reporting & bench-marking. Customers can easily manage multiple properties and compare performance at a consolidated or granular level.
  • Automation & Accuracy - Real-time integration with Energy Star Portfolio Manager automates data-uploads and updates.
  • Personalized & Relevant - Get tailored messaging with tips and tricks for improved energy consumption management

Customer Communications

UtilliCX helps you stay in touch with your customers - anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Event-Based - Automatically send customer notifications based on pre-defined events or triggers occur.
  • On-Demand - When special circumstances come up, send and schedule one-time notifications. With custom messaging and saved templates, it's easy to get the right message out.
  • Multi-Channel - Text messages, push notifications, emails, portal messages, auto-dialer, chatbot, social media, and smart speaker.
  • Searchable History - Easily search and review communication history to find the "who", "what", "where", "when", and "why."
  • Targeted Recipients - UtilliCX allows you to target the recipients of your message by using Boolean operators to filter by user or account attributes.
  • Personalized Preferences - Allow customers to choose what type of notifications they receive and how to receive them.

Bill Presentment & Payment

UtilliCX provides customers with the flexibility they want when it comes to viewing and paying bills.

  • Go Paperless - Provide customers with PDF copies of their current and past bills along with any notices and inserts.
  • Increase Adoption - Improve E-Billing adoption by making signup quick and easy with UtilliCX's 1-click enrollment.
  • Easy Distribution - Alert customers to new bills via email, text message, push notification, social media, or autodialer.
  • One-Time Payments - Allow customers to make or schedule a one-time payment using a debit card, credit card, electronic check, mobile wallet, or PayPal® account.
  • Automatic Payments - Customers can sign up for auto-pay when they store a payment method. UtilliCX gives customers the flexibility to pay a pre-determined amount or their full balance each time.
  • No Registration Required - Customers who register get a whole lot more from UtilliCX, but it's not required. Payments can be made via UtilliCX's QuickPay function without logging in.

Account Management

With UtilliCX, customers can easily manage and navigate between accounts whether they have 1 account or 100

  • Contact Information - Customers can update their contact information to make sure you can keep in touch.
  • Contact Preferences - Some customers prefer different types of contact depending on the type of interaction. With UtilliCX, customers can quickly and easy set or adjust their contact preferences.
  • Property Information - UtilliCX can provide peer comparisons, more accurate estimations, and better insights if customers provide information about their property or equipment.
  • Personalization - With optional linking to social media accounts, custom profile avatars, and more, customers can personalize their account.
  • Password Resets - UtilliCX makes password changes and resets easy and completely self-serviced. Customers can also change security questions or update answers with just a few clicks.