Utilli’s Customer: Our Value Proposition

UtilliCX is proud to present a fully prepared utility management software to connect providers and customers with seamless communications and easy-to-operate functionality. The platform is built to ensure high customer satisfaction and scalability, designed with complete system interoperability in mind so it can grow and adapt for years to come.


UtilliCX: Boosts Utility Customer Engagement

Utilli’s software optimizes customer access and experience through several options of direct-line communications. UtilliCX provides event-based notifications on predefined events or when triggers occur. Customers will be able to personalize their notification settings to meet their needs as well as search history of past communications. The versatility of communication allows for maximum provider efficiency, giving the consumer a 24-hour utility concierge.


Utilities Prepare for the Digital Consumer

Over the past few decades, technological advancements have changed how our world operates, from ride-sharing, to one-click online shopping, to instant internet searches for information and research. The utility industry is evolving through innovations of their own, such as advanced meters and real-time energy management information systems. These innovations help in gathering historically missing details and information on customer energy usage habits but is only as powerful as it can be made useful. Data is now available in real-time, and at larger scale, there is a wealth of information.